It is good Shawl and it matches my wardrobe

Nice product with superb value! I bought several of these in different designs as Christmas presents and they were very well received! The recipients wore them right away and kept them on the whole evening because they liked the look and feel of them.They thought it cost way more than they actually did.

I think I returned that one (I can’t remember) but only since the shades were more orange and blue than what I wanted.I’m a Packer fan,no chance was I going to wear Bears colors.I did order two even more in other colors though which were both beautiful! These were distributed by me as Christmas gifts.They are SUPER soft.

I was looking for something the camouflage appearance yet I needed it to be a little more dressy,and this suit you perfectly to a T.You could wear this color with most anything cause it is a mosaic of many colors.The materials is quite soft (no stiffness).This will be perfect with my Olive Green Jacket,but also with my many black toppers too.

It was a funny coincidence because I had this item on my Wishlist. I LOVED the cream one so much I ordered the same one in black.This is a beautiful scarf.It’s the great lenghth to wrap twice around your throat and not feel like you’re getting strangled.:-) Very cozy and flattering! May have to buy more in additional colors!

This is a great scarf for Fall and Winter and if you get cream, it shall go with everything! This scarf is so soft and comfy and warm just. It is loved by me.I would highly recommend this in case you are in the market for a well made but affordable scarf.You will not be disappointed.

Purchased meant for myself – a early Xmas present! It’s very nice top quality material.I’ll clarify that it is very much a genuine orange.As pictured We wasn’t sure if it had been orange (while described) or even more of a coral and since I was good with either We ordered it.It’s soft and warm rather than at all itchy! Would def.recommend.

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Giveaways Mens Digital Watches well worth the purchase

The natural leather strap feels and looks like decent material, and the dark watch face with gold/bronze hands helps it be look pretty classy for the price.Timex does a pretty good work with the Indiglo feature on this.Pressing in the knob to light it becomes pretty intuitive just.I don’t like stuff that’s too shiny, but this watch is the exception.The darker colored frame makes the shiny finish much less flashy, and it stays quite clean.

The application is simple to find and install.Pairing with Bluetooth is easy.The setting is simple and intuitive.And was surprised to come across that the band was waterproof with all other features.It includes a long battery life,I actually haven’t charge it yet.It tells time,it measures my heart rate,it counts guidelines.It connects to my phone,it tell me who is calling me when the telephone is not around me.

This watch is among my most satisfying all-time purchases due to its cost to performance ratio.The just downfall is that the resin band will fail after a year or two of daily use.I have replaced the original bands with?Chums The Band 16mm Watch Band?when they break.In the event that you wear a digital watch and need sound performance, that is a great choice.

How to fix this right here I’ll give you some tips.To conseve some battery turn off your location on your phone when not using the app.What I suggest is transform it on like every hour or few hours during the day so that it will record your steps heart beats per minute BPM.In the home or gym or whenever you’re exercising leave your location on since you’re not moving GPS will see your location and will be constantly synching your records without using large amount of power (battery) and leave it’s location on at night so that it will record your sleep.

In age cramming a lot more technology into smaller deals that often put on the body, this lovely watch is refreshing.All you need is on the main screen, and easy to read.You don’t need to push a supplementary button to start to see the time of the week or the day, it’s fine there.Ideal for the functioning adults who does not need to send text messages on their watch.

The watch is a bit smaller sized than my old one and I had to get used to that and it’s lighter too.On the plus aspect, it gets the full date, time on leading (That includes year, day of month, day of week, hours, a few minutes, and seconds.).It comes with an hourly chime, a stopwatch, and an alarm function which allows setting the alarm in several different ways.

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You’ll honestly shocked a how nice glasses are for what they cost

I am buying sunglasses my whole life, I live a dynamic life in New Mexico where we get sun 350+ times a full yr. I’ve spent $200 on glasses and not been as happy as I am with these $25 specs! They came with the tools to modify as necessary also. I haven’t got to utilize them, and even though my curious toddler has used them such as a bow flex item, they’ve maintained their fit rather than broken! Very worked up about this purchase.

I’ve updated my review to 5 stars. Shortly after getting my sunglasses, they dropped out of my pocket to the cement sidewalk. They landed on the front left lens. These were picked by me up and viewed the lens, there I saw 4 small scratches. I didn’t think it was a large deal until I put them on and realized the scrapes were straight in my type of sight. I couldn’t see obviously through the left lens. One of the reasons I purchased these sunglasses was because the seller indicated they were scratch resistant and actually showed a video of somebody hitting the zoom lens with a hammer to show its durability.

The glasses themselves are durable, light-weight and most of all comfortable. My ONLY nitpick will be that the logo design on the stem is a little awkward. Big white letters stand out a bit. I believed I got scratched them about a month ago, but after I scraped the lenses with my fingernail the “scratch” came off.

I got the thin dark frames with the gold trim and I love them. They are stylish and perform their work of protecting my eye. One thing that was weird to me was they are simply like normal glasses frame-wise, so they look kinda weird if they are wanted by you away your face and you rest them on your head. So, I suggest just keeping the case that’s given to you and putting them in the event.

Everything just seems much more crisp. They come with a zipper case, soft bag and micro dietary fiber cloth. Time shall show if they framed and lens hold up, but no complaints so far. UPDATE 8-27-2015: Still loving these eyeglasses. They’re holding up well. No scrapes on the zoom lens, despite them getting placed face down on some surfaces. I did lose among the nose pads (little rubber pad that pushes into the nose frame).

I’m really impressed with these eyeglasses. In the picture they appear to be they’d be cheap plastic material. They’re not. They are metal framed and also have a good feel to them. Not too heavy. The side tines have real spring hinges vs simply warped rubber keeping them too your head. They secure them well, however, not too tight. I’ve possessed many pairs of polarized glasses, however the lens on these are about the best I’ve seen. At least on par with my Oakley Right Jackets.

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Well made Womens Mechanical Watches at its best pricing

At one time they quit syncing with my phone and I ordered this.I totally love this tracker. It displays me what I have to know on the screen, notifications are excellent and I just bought a different one for my son.I would recommend this to anyone interested in step, sleep and hr monitoring at a very great price.If there have been 10 stars I’d give it the best available!

This is an excellent watch out for police, security, or fire/EMS workers.It has a nice sized display, but the watch does not dwarf your wrist or look too clunky.Has hours, seconds and minutes, in addition to displays the date with year, day and month.Backlight button is simple to get to and illuminates very well in complete darkness or whenever there are emergency lights present.

Just got this.It was easy to set up, and I’m already using it to track my steps.Watches and bracelets typically bug me personally, which is why I never got something similar to this before, but this is very lightweight and I barely recognize it’s there.I like that I could check my heartrate with it and customize which options I wish to see.For instance, I don’t run or ride a bicycle, so could remove those items using the app, and could put in a workout option instead.

This watch oozes quality.It’s just heavy enough that it feels as though it won’t break after just a little wear.The bands are thin and everything movements and swivels easy incredibly.I’ve just never had a watch that feels so well made.All the functions it could online perform are not listed. It took me much longer than expected to established everything bc of how specific I had to be.Every little thing provides watch instructions for a different function.

I have been extremely happy with it and am usually getting a lot of compliments on it.It is a simple but clean design.I haven’t had any problems with it and it spent some time working great for 3 years now.Some time is taken by the natural leather strap to break in and feel safe.But for the price, it is an excellent watch to give you some options.

I wish it might countdown from like 12sec so if I’m taking vitals I actually wouldn’t have to look at my watch to get the heartrate, but that isn’t the case.Sure I can set it for one minute, but I don’t always have a complete minute to spare.Not really the end of the world, but it could have been nice.

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Inexpensive Scarf at its greatest pricing for men

The fabric is loved by me, design and colors of the scarf.The fabric isn’t of low quality,but is thin enough to hold nicely and not be bulky around one’s neck.The colors are unusual but work very well and the lace design is very attractive together.Highly recommend!

Great looking scarf. Very warm and soft. Would recommend definitely!UPDATE: just returned from a week in Europe where it had been very cold.This scarf was so soft and warm, saved me during the trip literally.I love the versatility of wearing it as a scarf with my layer or using it as a shawl when in restaurants.I shall be buying more!

We don’t wear a huge amount of accessories,but I acquired these because I would India and had a need to bring along scarves in case I was necessary to cover myself more adequately in public areas.I actually really like this scarf.The colors are great,therefore i feel like it might go with a few different color schemes.It looks a whole lot nicer than what I paid for it.The material appears sturdy enough that I would not inadvertently rip it,though still soft enough that I would want it close to my skin.

It was of good quality,felt soft and was in fact a very nice scarf. I bought the cream color since it shall go with everything. I was impressed with this scarf and would purchase more of these for other people as gifts defiantly.Good product,good price.

It is warm,smooth and cozy rather than itchy- what I was looking for just! When I bought it,the description indicated it had been a blanked scarf but I see that has now been changed. I was going to comment that even though quite large and solid,it’s not a blanket scarf since it’s much more of a rectangle and not a square.Great purchase overall! I wish that they had some colors without patterns.I’d definitely buy more!

This is a pleasant pashmina and the very useful ivory is simply as pictured.The weight of the fabric drapes nicely and it is large enough the serve as a warm shawl for a Texas fall and winter.It had been pressed by me on a minimal setting and the wrinkles came out easily.

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Great Tote,Small, but not too small

I feel the color is a tad bit lighter than the online picture just, but that doesn’t bother me. The size is usually perfect for my wallet, phone and keys with area for other things that I throw within as well. The zipper pocket in the front is a working pocket, there’s a big zipper pocket inside, a smaller sized pocket it doesn’t zip and the purse itself zips totally close.

This is such a beautiful vegan leather bag! I bought this in the camel/black color, and love both sides of the purse. It’s an excellent size and you can fit quite a bit within. Some leather luggage (like Matt + Nat luggage) can be kind of creaky or dried out when manufactured from vegan leather, but that one feels ‘buttery surprisingly, ‘ especially considering the price. Like this, and will definitely purchase more from this brand in the future.

The leather has a very heavy and considerable feel to it. It’s very deeply textured in a pebble-type pattern and is wearing perfectly, slowly softening and just now beginning to develop its own warm patina and form through daily use. I actually anticipate what this bag can look like a few years from now!

Both smallest handles are really nice for just grabbing quickly, the shoulder strap handles are perfect and fit great on the average shoulder, the very long crossbody strap is the best, when I’m walking to work and carrying like 4 bags with me I can just throw that one crossbody and it frees my hands to transport other things.I acquired the grey color and I really like it, very neutral, casual however, not too casual…We still utilize it for work and I function in a specialist office.

I have found that keeping whatever publication I’m reading or my Kindle upright in another of the primary compartments helps keep the bag from slouching an excessive amount of.It looks extremely expensive and like quality. For sure is typically not real leather since it has a slight smell and doesn’t feel like real leather. The stitching is excellent however, and it’s much larger than I believed it would be. Easy to invert to either part but does consider some bending and fiddling with.

I will update my review easily have any problems with the purse over the next few weeks but at this time I would highly recommend this purse to others. The packaging was exceptional (fulfillment by Amazon). The purse was wrapped with padding and the box was large enough not to squash the purse plenty. I expect this purse to last me for quite some time!

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Great Jewellery, hold up well over time

Gorgeous necklace and it includes two different length chains.One chain is very long and the various other chain is shorter.I prefer the shorter chain.The actual necklace is prettier in real life.The amethysts stones have an excellent energy/vibrations.The meaning is cherished by me of the tree of life/ tree of knowledge.The amethysts supports the 3rd eye chakra.The necklace is manufactured with copper so that it offers you that old looking steampunk look.I would recommend to anyone who loves stones, necklaces, steampunk/old looking points, and trees.

It’s beautiful and classy.I received a complete lot of compliments from my co worker and my customers..and asking where I purchased it? I love it really! Matter of reality I order 1 for my sister again, and order two more for my two sisters in Japan soon.

These are prettier in person even.The hooks are alright – not the worst, however, not the strongest, either.There is a little of weight to the earrings, but nothing that would prevent me from wearing all of them full day or all night.The resin is superior, and the flowers were all smooth and bright. I love these earrings, and recommend them highly.

These earrings are gorgeous and sparkle really.I initially bought them for myself but when they arrived I thought they were to small, so these were distributed by me to my 11year old plus they fit her perfect.Because they were thus beautiful I ordered another set but in a more substantial size, the 2cttw.When the 2cttw arrived I thought they were to big for everyday use actually.

The finish alone is enough to keep you breathless.I’v been looking for a light weight gold tone preliminary necklace for a while and lastly found it.What’s never to love on the back it reads one in a million it’s just gorgeous.Buy it you won’t regret it.

I will most likely use backs while on holiday because it will be taking place in a big amusement recreation area.Besides that, We don’t believe they’re absolutely necessary.Varies from individual to individual though.

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I was very happy with the Scarf in this online purchase

This is my go-to scarf.It is chunky and soft. It does not stretch out throughout the full day as some scarves do. The color is rich and deep. I have washed and line dried this and it has come out with no pills or fading. There was hook odor when it arrived of the package initial, but it dissipated quickly.

I’m bummed that it’s now spring and I can’t wear my scarf.I really like this scarf it so soft absolutely, thick and moreover does not itch. The ribbed effect helps it be appear to be a cool style and I absolutely love this deep red colorization really.It makes my locs pop.I can’t wait to utilize it more in the colder weeks.

I love this infinity scarf absolutely! It is the ideal weight for in-between seasons and the shades are exactly because they made an appearance on my display screen! The fabric is light-weight and soft and the scarf can be long enough that it could be looped several times,tied,or left loose depending on the style you want to have even.A great addition to my closet at an excellent price!

Such good quality for the price! Heavy material but still sleek enough to wear indoors/at utilize a cute outfit.It’s become a go-to accessory in these chilly New England weeks.I’m eyeing other colors already…Very nice pashmina.If you up hold it,you can not look out of it like some of the less expensive pashminas out there.Excellent to wrap about your shoulders or use as a scarf.

It is prettier than in the picture even,so many beautiful shades.I love how big is it — so many choices to tie it and because it’s not too thick,it beautifully drapes,and is indeed feminine.It’s thus soft,and it gives warmth if necessary without being hot.I have already been playing with it all afternoon,tying the ends,making a triangle,tucking in the ends,making an oblong,tying a knot in the center,criss-crossing,and much a lot more.This is an exquisite scarf,the colors are so so pretty,and the fabric is luscious just.I am SO happy with it.And I’m getting more!! Highly recommended.

Its warm and you could wear it such as a blanket scarf but its much less heavy to wear you use it in doorways and sweat.Its right just.Its an excellent value and a great scarf.If you’re heading back and just purchase it forth..Totally worth the money. They are made beautifully,warm,soft and sized so they can be wrapped or used as a shawl.

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Basically perfect hat

I acquired this hat to wear out when we take my daughter to stuff and parks. It suits great and keeps my encounter shaded from sunlight nicely. I hate positioning sunscreen on my encounter seeing that its greasy and makes me personally break out usually. This is a good alternative. It sits high enough on my mind that I can still wear sunglasses easily as well. Very happy with my buy. Will be buying more in different colors.

Can’t go wrong with a Father`s Hat. Top quality. Fitted great and it had been the perfect hat to go with a patch I got. Sewing my patch onto the hat was a breeze as well! Definitely recommend this if you’re searching for a hat to place your patches on or if you want something simple to add to your wardrobe!

deeply in love with this hat absolutely. came quick and the quality is great. So great I ended up buying two more in different colors. perfect fit and it is adjustable in the back if you would like it loose or tighter. I mainly put on hats for when i’m at the fitness center and this hat does the job. Side note. I got the digital camo color. Fits all my hunting clothes.

Yep, this baby is the best. I’ve had it for just a little over three years- it saw me through high school and it’s still in great shape now that I’m in university. Castro hats appear great on about everyone just, but ECOnscious specifically can be an awesome brand. All the other castro hats I’ve bought have got a velcro changeable strap. That’s right, velcro (the items that gets caught in your locks and looks ridiculously cheap). But this hat is excellent: soft, edgy, and adjustable with a cotton strap easily.

We din NOT receive any payment for this review. It really is my honest opinion and that I got nothing at all in return however the fulfillment of helping various other Amazon shoppers select a good product. If you like the looks of the hat, buy it with comprehensive confidence.

Great hat. It had been bought by me to replace a beloved hat. I like this style, and I really like that it is supposedly eco-friendly. I will probably order another in a different color. Price is good as well. In fact it is better quality than your lower price chain stuff way, and cheaper than the fashion stores variations and a little more authentic looking.

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Comfertable Womens Purse Wholesale

Being a mom I usually carried big purses but then in the end get fed up with them and only start carrying what I want and should bring in my hands and it eventually ends up a big hassle, so I was searching for a smaller bag but yet that had a lot of room to it.. then I came across this handbag and was stunned It do look just a little smaller then I thought it was going to be on facebook. but it isn’t large overly, I would state it is perfect.

The type or kind you see when you get bedspreads, electric blankets or bedding. The purse appeared great. When I unzipped it from the carrier I noticed it acquired a plastic-like smell which I attributed to it becoming encased in the bag. After about an full hour the smell went aside and the purse in fact smelled like leather.

The purse itself even came with the sellers name on a card, which was attached with a string, along with another card with directions on how to look after the purse. Also within the purse was another cards thanking me for purchasing their product. Almost as if I purchased it at a division store, and not from Amazon.

The outside vertical zippers are hard to store things in, unless it’s earphones or portable chargers or compact things such as such, but they appear good on the bag as well. I’ve no complaints about this product and also have owned it for about a complete month now. Some individuals reported straps coming unattached but it seems sturdy if you ask me and I’ve got no issues associated with the way it had been built.?

It was a little heavier than I though tit would be, but it appears to be good quality and should last me a long time. I maintain what I like for a long time when I find the right purse which one I think will be one that I keep for a long time. It’s also light. Even with most of my ‘necessities’ in it…not too heavy. Great purse, great price, excellent delivery time.

It’s an unbelievable value, and We was surprised how great the product quality is. I’ve had mine for about a year . 5 today, and it still appears as good as it did when I first took it from the box. The moment I started having it, my friends were asking where it was got by me. They ended up buying it in various colors, and now it certainly is funny when we go out and inadvertently match.

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