Developer Eardrop available online for men

The stones are brilliant and clear, can see different sparkly colors.The posts will be the much longer version which works best for me.I’ve been searching for a while for reasonably priced cz’s but just about all I’ve seen are fairly flimsy and just not that exciting- actually, most have bent articles.This pair appears well made and are certainly more sturdy compared to the ones I’ve viewed in the shops around $30.

Now unfortunately I have to wait a couple weeks till Christmas to wear them cause I bought them for the present that my brother will give me since he was lost on what things to get me and i felt guilty buying myself a present-day, but hey these were 65% off through the ‘LIGHTNING DEALS,’ Wish my review helps away y’all.

They feature a certificate, nestled within an looking box inside elegantly.My only issue will be that the package does not appearance as elegant from the outside – which a beautiful pearl necklace such as this would deserve.As well as, it arrived damaged.But I already educated the ongoing company concerning this and they assured me personally to send an upgraded box.

They are beautiful and uniform in size and color. I researched many websites and choices and decided The Pearl Source was reputable and sold an excellent item.The price was very reasonable and unless you have lots of money to invest in organic pearls, these freshwater pearls are the best option.I was unsure in what size of pearls to buy but these 7-7.5 mm are just right and the duration, 18 is exactly the length I needed also.

These studs are large!They are rocks literally.I got the 4ctw plus they are stunning.That being said, I would mention that these would look better on a gal with bigger ear lobes or who’s really choosing drama.On me they kind of sag a little bit. I’ll probably order smaller sized size for day-to-day use for a far more subtle look.The prongs are wonderful and do not feel or look cheap.

They do not irritate my sensitive ears at all & they look absolutely beautiful.No balls in my ears, no crimson irritated skin, & no infections definitely.The backings are excellent and match the posts (which is always great, right?).These haven’t fallen out, even when I get my locks stuck in my earrings and draw my hair back…it generally does not rip the earrings out, the backings perfectly work.Shipped on time and in it’s have box, every earring was individually put in a tote that was separated in 2 – odd, but good I guess.

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